Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas in Connecticut

Timothy Birdnow I gazed to the east on a sad December morn a murderous blaze, a beast mad and torn a nation abides the grim rod of torments Where hides our God in this crypt of innocents? Why hide Your face from our pain and distress? Where's Your embrace as they're lain now to rest? Are You just empty verse in an ancient dead book? why did you curse the names read at Sandy Hook? I demanded an answer and silence it brought despair like a cancer invaded my thought agonized souls for those many all innocent dead young bodies in holes, lives lost as the bled from where came so twisted and evil a beast who earns the blame for his murderous feast? and why did not You raise a finger to fell the monster of Newtown, emmisary from Hell? Awaiting an answer the silence it grew debating my horror and questions anew silence in Heaven and deafness of heart lives now unleaven, souls torn horribly apart But Christmas came once and it comes 'round again a Savior was born to destroy all of Sin and the answer lay there in a Bethlehem stable I now was aware it was more than a fable And His answer to me was as quiet as thunder my eyes now could see, the clouds torn now asunder for it is not He who had planted this crop He begged and he pleaded for Man to just stop But we all turned away in our sin and our pride It was we who did slay, it was we who had died Long ago we rejected His love for this cage we had turned to our lusts and our murderous rage He had tried so to warn us, to tell us the way He had sent forth His prophets with the words He would say But we put all those words on a high dusty shelf so He decided to come down here and say them Himself He came not as a king or exalted of state only shepherds to sing on this most wonderous date and the kings of the Earth looked to sharpen the knife at the place of his birth they would seek out his life Where the star hovered high over town that made bread Herod made mothers cry, many children were dead oh the king he was sly, and the streets they ran red as he desperately tried to remove Jesus' head And the Great King of Kings reminded me of all this and He told me of things, how he died from a kiss and he asked me if He who would give up His Son could be blamed for an evil that was done with a gun He had come into life just to die so we live and he suffered much strife for the gift he would give He promised salvation to those who would choose His Christmas incarnation, His wonderful news But He cannot force Men to love or accept in the course of events He joined in as we wept and He mourned as the priests read the names and the stanza His heart breaks there are beasts of the likes of Adam Lanza But He came and He conquered that greatest of stings Death is no longer this world's king of kings while all of the parents are lost in their sorrow Christmas means seeing their loved ones in Heaven tomorrow And while there is pain and a horrible toll grief no longer chains, we are freed in our soul on Christmas He came and on Easter He rose Now we do the same! There'll be an end to our woes So be merry, rejoice in what Christmas does afford For the Sandy Hook children are now with the Lord and one day we'll all meet Him when He shall appear and that day we'll know sweetness and no longer have fear and that's all thanks to Christmas so be of good cheer!