Sunday, August 21, 2005

A Drip Fell

A Drip Fell

A drip fell from the pipe
It slipped from the well, a rip in the steel was ripe
To strip and to peel and to wipe out the shell
And to noisily drum with a really bad smell
Till my head`s nearly numb and I feel out of type
Still it sheds forth great sums, seems my plumbs had it`s stripes.

With the year it began in a slow steady rain
Like a tear softly ran from the snows icy pain
Just a drop in the pan of my fears quite inane
Without stop do I hear as it flows down the drain
Leaving a smear on my wall which shows unsightly stain
And on top of it all I am clearly appalled as it grows and it drives me insane!

Like waves on the beach of an hourglass sea
Like the caves that are leached from the mass that there be
So this way it behaves; dig a breech and pass free
While I rave and beseech and I preach my crass plea
And I slave with my bleach like a knave on my knees
For the grave do I see and my soul seeks to flee lest time reach over me.

And the moons waxed and waned like the old Dutchman`s fleet
To the tunes rained refrain while I made my slow retreat.
Marooned, tacked, and chained in the cold blowing sleet
flows down the well
And a drip fell.While the pain of lost time strewn like jacks rolled `neath my feet
The monsoon racks the folds of my brain till I`m beat
Far too soon we attain and our life seems to drain through the cracks that hold defeat.

It ended silently in the night; seems the pipe froze up and dried.
Unable to mend it despite all my might though I mightily tried
I could no longer fend off the tide of my woes for the fight in me died.
Now the ride`s at an end and my plight`s at a close as the light softly goes
And my life gently


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