Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Flight of the Dragon

One bright September morning as I walked along the River
In the heavens, without warning, appeared a sight that made me shiver
There I saw the Piasa, that hateful bird, as it dove out of the sky:
That murderous red dragon shrieking with an aweful cry,
A vengeful feast of smoke and blood with snapping beak on high.

The dead their bones a mountain made inside the Great Twin Candles
Great moans, red blood, a fountain sprayed the Sin of Satan`s vandals
See how the dead flood to the edge to leap off of the mountain
They cross themselves and pray this day to God their souls to keep
Hellfire above, hope at a loss, oh how the many weep!
The way below a mire of bodies deep!

Then Michael and his Angels came forth riding on their wagon
To Hell they went to save the lame, and do battle with the Dragon
Many fell and still they came, a sea of heroes led
By God to save the dying and bring peace unto the dead.
They dug those maimed and mangled souls beneath the rubble free
Cries beneath the tangled ashes, they rescued those there be
Their crown a wreath of purple for they who dare;
Married to such sad destiny.

Then Beowulf arose that day, to hunt that hateful beast
With his army on the way He knows; He seeks him in the East
A fateful hour , the Grendal cowers, to his cave he goes-the stench of death it grows.
With no escape the serpent coils in his dark cold tomb
Death shroud draped, his blood it boils, with Saint George coming soon.

And I saw the ending in the sky; the ragged trail had run dry
The beast had dragged his tail through the stars to pull them down from heaven
Now God his soul forever bars for the murders of 911.


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