Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas and the Cross

by Timothy Birdnow

A prisoner of his own fault
ensnared in vain and doomed default
Man walks this world in pain and loss
His only hope is Christmas and the Cross

I looked about in sore despair
A world so wore and full of care
winds unfurled; at sea were tossed
Yet all still flee from Chrismas and the Cross

How can it be if there be God
that Man should suffer iron rod?
I pray my plea to Heaven's gloss
A way must be to Chrismas and the Cross

my brain so full of this assault
my train of thought in much tumult
My bed disquiet, I pitch and toss
I can find no rest, no Christmas nor the Cross

But He endured though much to bear
and took the chore of judgement chair
His birth the sages did emboss
the pages spoke of Chrismas and the Cross

for Christ did come and without halt
to save the sum with no exalt
and Man is freed from that dreadful cost
Yes, there truly is a Chrismas, and a Cross

Now free from my iniquity I soar with no real care
I now can see the Christmas tree, so beautiful and fair
A Savior born on this bright day, the veil torn across
salvation come on Christmas day, and finished with the Cross!
And finished with the Cross...


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