Sunday, August 21, 2005

A Man of Peace

I am a Man of Peace
Wars I would ban, all fighting would cease
Brotherhood and love from me measures untold
I do what I can for this treasures` increase!

I stand on what`s true (though the truth I must mold)
Virtuous through, and in truth oh-so-bold
In all that I do a true virtuous King!
A world that is new in my hands I must hold.

To oppose me is sin –I detest such a thing
Your loss is my win , joyous song will I sing!
Should america stumble or perhaps even fall
From my throat hear the rumble of triumph it bring!

In My quest I may stagger but always stand tall
In My zeast I may swagger and curse at you all
I`ll rant at your soldier and spit on his grave
In my breast I grow bolder; I stand strong like a wall.

I never grow older-that`s a pit for a slave
By bit the Bell`s tolling your soul I would save.
My bitter seed sewing, there`s blood on my hands
The terrorists rolling; their courage I gave.

My hatred is growing to flood cross our land
Delight at the flowing of blood in the sand.
May death in Iraq rain down without cease
The frightful wind blowing from Satan`s dark hand
To americas pain may it add with increase!

As I have told you
I am a Man of Peace!


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