Sunday, June 03, 2012

The World of Commander Barack

This is sung to the tune of the theme song for the 1960's cartoon Commander McBragg: This is the world of Commander Barack And you know that it's all a big crock He fights monsters galore and all day he shouts "fore" or says says the brag of Barack When Navy Seals go into Pakistan and all the dirt's 'bout to hit every fan He'll lead where they've trodden and he'll kill old Bin-Laden or so says the brag of Barack as tough as it gets with an unc at Auschwitz he can play a mean game of Horse too with his fantasy sons who look just like Trayvon and his bottles of White House hommebrew he can cut all the troops and not even say "whoops" he can flip his bird to every Jew while his gal takes a chill in lovely Seville bleeding America blue. This is the world of Commander Barack and all the taxpayers get sticker shock he can do anything in his world he's a king! while he puts all of us into hock!


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