Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Kerry Patch

They love their Man with orange tan

that botox`d boy from Liberal Land.

The Kerry Kool-aid sipping Klan

they love their man John Kerry.

Their Jewish/Irish/Frankish friend

he`ll never break but he sure can bend

and votes he makes he will amend

the politician Kerry.

John Kerry, John Kerry

for money he did marry.

He`s out of wack about Iraq

And answers not our query!

He straddles nearly every horse

(when the money`s gone he`ll just divorce)

he can`t commit to any course

that rock of strength John Kerry

He stabs our allies in the back

with snidely jabs and nasty cracks

and plays it loose with all his facts

that genius John F. Kerry.

John Kerry, John Kerry

his brain is light and airy.

He feigns a dance to hide his stance

and, boy, the guy is dreary!

The Swiftboat Vets sure hate the deal

with ``hero`` Kerry at the wheel!

Three Purple Hearts (those papercuts healed)

the great warhero Kerry!

He`ll defend us all with rubber bands,

depend on troops from other lands,

and give in to all U.N. demands

our Fearless Leader Kerry!

John Kerry, John Kerry

he trashed his friends unfairly.

He preys on fears for his career

and hopes we forget early!

This guy`s more boring than Bob Dole

a left-wing granite-jawed beanpole

with hot air snoring out his hole

the dynamic John F. Kerry!

Who could vote for such a dude

so full of snit, and oh-so-rude

whose meager wit the truth eludes.

We can`t afford John Kerry!

John Kerry, John Kerry

We can`t afford John Kerry!

A foolish man without a plan,

don`t vote for John F. Kerry!


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