Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tim`s Published Articles

Here is a list of my published articles:

Global Warming; Don't Confuse us with the Facts
Seal Team Six Now Inherently Racist
Obamacare Debt on a Geological Time Scale
Gun Control and Federalism; Why Arguments Against State Nullification are Wrong
Rising Reverse Racism
The Right to Bear Arms and Self Government
Gun Control; a Failed American Experiment
The Missouri Rat your Kids out or Rat yourself out Act
Adam Lanza - Poster Boy of the Left
Barbarians at the Gates of Sandy Hook
The Twinkie; Demise of an Old White Guy
The 2012 Elections and the Austro-Hungarian Scenario
Professor Calls for Death Penalty for Climate Change Deniers
Another Global Warming Drive By
Sore Liberal Winners
The Valley of the Shadow of Death Panels
Is the Current Heat Wave Caused By Global Cooling
Obama's Fathers Day

The Last Days of Global Warming Theory
,br /> Is Obama Running Interference for the Russians over Katyn?
Obama Degrades our Satellite Capabilities

William Hull Republicans
The Affluent Problem

Hydraulic Fractured Fairy Tales

Obama's Fascist America in 10 Easy Steps

The Bore Wars

British Police Raid Climategate Blogger's Home

The Hamiltonian Newt at Conservative HQ

The Essence of America Revealed in Game 6 of the World Series

The Beast comes to the Bayou?

More Evidence the Warmists are Wrong

PBS Alters Transcript to Hide Obama Gaffe

The Warmists Strike Back

What's in a Name?

The Protocols of the Elders of Liberalism

Warmist Cargo Cult Science Returns

the Cruelty of Caesar's Charity

Buy Me Some Peanuts and Crackerjack

Immolation of the Koran

Courage in Missouri

Power Corrupts

Global Warming Health Scare

Not the Shot Heard Round the World

Your Papers, Please!

Snow Blind

GOP Caving on Pursuit of Climategate (at Conservative HQ)

Victory at C

The Thunder and the Firecracker

Why Sue Arizona and not Missouri

The Case Against AGW - Pluto

First, Do No Harm

Canada Free Press Articles

the Accidental Landlords

Dreams of their Fathers

The New Cold War and how America can Win

Obamacare and the Sorcerer`s Apprentice

Why the Birth Certificate Issue is Important

Money for Nothing

Obama's Failure of Moral Courage

Cyberbullying Laws and the Moral Code

Missouri Police Given Chilling Instructions

Cold Hard Facts and the Big Boned Climate Theory

Martian Methane Suggests Solar and not Human Induced Warming

Rumors of the Death of Arctic Sea Ice Greatly Exaggerated

Green Policies Mean Less Green in our Wallets

Obama Giveth and Obama Taketh Away

Obama`s Desperate Equivalency Gambit

Drill Here Drill Now Helped End Russia-Georgia Conflict

Solar Winds Cooling Warmist Alarm

Political Power Flowing from the Pump

The Right to Mobility

55 MPH; No Blood for Oil

The Green Frontier; Environmental Sentimentalism and Reverse Manifest Destiny

The Green Cross; Inhuman Humanism

The Progressive Road to Hell at Orthodoxy Today

John McCain and the Rollover Republicans

The Race for the Bomb-Then and Now

The Enemy of My Enemy

Junk Neuropsychology

The Essence of War

The Return of the Old Gods; A Challenge to Green Evangelicals

Of Ants and Immigrants (at Intellectual Conservative)

Noah`s Flood Cancelled

Fostering the Tortilla Revolution (At Intellectual Conservative)

Limits of the Nanny State

Hose Colored Glasses

Paradise Lost; Why the Left Loves Muhammed

Where`s the Beef?

The Oath that Binds

St. Louis; The Democrats Paradise

Morning in Vienna

EMP and the Unfought Victory

Plantation America

Empty Womb

The Mad King and the Crazy Left

The Case Against Darwin

The First Right

Barbarian Invasions

It`s a Brave New World after Teri Schiavo Dies

Hot Air

The Hydra Lives

Moment of Truth


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