Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Obama Nation

By Timothy Birdnow

Obama Nation
is out on vacation
right out of their skulls for this gent
a new generation
of the left`s vegetation
believing he`s Heavenly sent!

He`s for liberation
and hope and salvation
there`s plenty of room in his tent
for burning oblations
and standing ovations
the yearning of his sycophants.

Obama Nation
a loud syncopation
although it`s not clear what he meant
a thrilling sensation
a spell of libation
till all their emotions are spent.

On foreign relations
with bellicose nations
their guy just has clearly no hint.
It`s all good vibrations
and global cantations
and national embarassment.

What an abomination!
It`ll bring desolation
our taxes will already be spent
and give degradation
to our to the American situation.
He`ll grind us with his government.

But the Obama Nation
awaits elevation
of their savior to be President
with the Dem`s nomination
to that glorious station
they will have Barack`s New Covenant!


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